How to create a basic firewall/nat router with arlinux 2.x (2.6 kernel)

Create arlinux-firewall floopys disk or usb method
and Boot the router with arlinux (they need two network cards)

Example of basic network:


First setup internet interface(eth0) depends on your isp.

# dhcpcd eth0 (for most cablemodems)
# pppoe-setup (for most adsl)
or ifconfig

Check if you have internet

Setup your local network interface(eth1)

# ifconfig eth1

or wahtever ip of your network

start iptables firewall and nating in the router:

# sh /root/basic-scripts/

Now configure your workstation in the lan and test internet:

change or add a default gateway with the ip of the router
and configure your dns servers

In linux:

# route add default gw
# vi /etc/resolv.conf

In windows check your lan properties for the default gateway
and dns servers.

Now try internet


If you dont have internet ping first your gateway from workstation
if respons ok the problem sure its in the firewall/iptables rules
and if you have internet on eth1 and lan on eth0 modify the firewall script
and swap this variables:


and run the script again for aply the new rules.
Thats all.

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