External Packages

Bandwidth Monitor NG (bmw-ng) v0.5
Installs on working dir then you can move to /opt/bin
md5sum  2642a7ce646571cfe5e0cacebc9b8dc6

BIND 9.3.2-P2 ... The Berkeley Internet Name Domain
Installs on /usr/local/named and you can run daemon without root user
md5sum  644376c62f6d9a2e9c5dafa91570ee8f

CentOS 4.6 ... Base system of CentOS 4.6
NOTES: this package contains a base system of CentOS to install a new server
remotely or localy without burning a cd/dvd, and without rpm program.
Please read the install How-to
md5sum  3f30ddbb471b28dcf46f326b487495ee

Debootstrap ... Debian base instalation
Installs on /usr/local/debootstrap
NOTES: you can use this packages to install a debian
base system remotely or localy. Better than debian floppys
md5sum  6f46f58da72327ea9b8679204734be0c

HONEYD V1.5b ... Virtual Honeypot
Installs on /usr/local/honeyd
NOTES: you have to do a link like this:
/usr/local/share/honeyd -> /usr/local/honeyd/
md5sum  59132acdb0fcb09b9d08d493fb01ee1c

IPTraf 3.0.0 ... IP Network Monitoring Software
Installs on working dir then you can move to /opt/bin
md5sum  efb605ad62626770d7c39fa283b47e1b

Links 0.99pre9-no-ssl ... A text WWW browser with table
Installs on working dir then you can move to /opt/bin
md5sum  a5a55f876dde34a5e4bd1b163a0e1663

netkit-routed-0.17 ... Network routing daemon (RIP)
Installs on working dir then you can move to /opt/bin
md5sum 3248f19456a8f093fbd38f37ede42947

Nmap 4.20 ... Security Port Scanner
Installs on /usr/local/nmap
md5sum 4af067a71864ead8edb595e0ed5c4c4a

Samba 2.2.8a ... Clients and Server of samba
Installs on /usr/local/samba
NOTES: if you have fstab pointing to /proc/mounts (default)
use -n switch in smbmount
md5sum 290be9b5ee6e78ca7bf8f8a27a8b2254

SQUID Version 2.6.STABLE3 ... Web Proxy Cache
Installs on /usr/local/squid
NOTES: if you run the daemon without root user (default)
check all directories/files permissions for that user.
Then configure the proxy (look cache_dir section and acls section).
Then start the daemon with -D option.
For stopping the daemon do squid -k shutdown (read the manual)
md5sum  4466af641e6a7a3788e87ba8e17e93d1

Tcpdump version 3.8.3 ... Command-line network sniffer/analyzer
Installs on working dir then you can move to /opt/bin
md5sum  e9dc7b0f1b8b85779d33226c80f1f9f7

Zebra version 0.95a ... Routing software (BGP,OSPF,RIP)
Installs on /usr/local/zebra
md5sum 0b6c0fe39645ec1954568ffcb97170ed


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