How to install debian from arlinux in 22 easy steps

You can install a debian base system from arlinux with
debootstrap in a local or remote box.

Example For remote installation :

01) Firts create a arlinux recovery system with two floppys or usb version.
02) When you finish start the box with arlinux system
03) login as root with blank password
04) setup a root password for remote logins
05) configure your network card: ifconfig
NOTE: If dont have support in kernel for your card check in modules
06) Your default GW(you need internet): route add default gw
07) login remotely to arlinux box with ssh or telnet ift elnetd is running(No Default)
08) Make partitions on the hard disc you want to install debian
09) Format the partitions like: mkfs,ext3 /dev/hda1 for a IDE disc
10) Mount the "/"(root) partition: mount /dev/hda1 /mnt
11) If you creat more partitions mount too. Example of /var: mount /dev/hda2 /mnt/var
12) Install debian(optional you can choose a mirrror ): debootstrap etch /mnt [mirror]
13) Do a chroot to you new debian system: chroot /mnt
14) Modify your /etc/fstab (depending on you partitions dont forget /proc and others)
15) Install a Linux Kernel: apt-get install kernel-image-2.X.X-blah
16) Configure your network card in debian: vi /etc/network/interfaces (debian style)
17) Mount /proc filesystem; mount /proc
18) Install sshd for remote logins (if you want)
19) Install lilo and configure it(create /etc/lilo.conf), then execute it: /sbin/lilo
20) Change root password: passwd root
21) Break chroot and umount filesystem in /mnt ( /mnt/proc /mnt/var /mnt )
22) Take away arlinux floppy or usb and reboot the box

If all its OK you have to get a Debian prompt.
Log as root with the password you set up and enjoy :)

For local instalation omit remote instructions like point 7 :D

Ok i write this guide cuz some times a hard drive from a far, far, away sever (lots of kms)
stop to working and the technical people in the site dont know how to install a debian system
So its much more easy explain by phone (?) to start the box with arlinux instead of
explain step by step how to install a debian system.

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